I would like to join the YMCA, but I cannot afford the membership fees. Do you offer financial assistance?

The YMCA's annual Strong Kids Campaign generates generous and essential contributions from YMCA members, individuals and corporations, which allows the YMCA of El Paso to make the commitment that no one is turned away due to an inability to pay the membership fee. Financial assistance is available to qualifying individuals within the YMCA's available resources.

Can I join the Y as a single facility user? (i.e. Become a member of one facility at a reduced fee.)

Even though you might use one primary location, when you join the YMCA of El Paso, you become a member of our association of YMCA's. This allows you facility access at all branches and programs and services throughout all of El Paso County.

Is babysitting or childcare available at the YMCA of El Paso?

Videos and television do not make good babysitters, which is why they are not used as part of our Y-Play program. Instead, arts and crafts, stories and structured play comprise the activities for kids (3 months - 7 years of age) in our "Y Play" centers, which is included at no charge for all Family memberships. This is a member service while you are working out or in a program. A program fee will be assessed for Y Play privileges for other Y memberships and non-members.

Will there be extra fees to use certain parts of the YMCA facility?

It is the policy of the YMCA of El Paso that your YMCA membership gives you full access to the whole YMCA facility during scheduled days and times.

I know the YMCA raises funds to support community outreach activities. Will my money go to those activities?

No. Funds for community outreach programs and services are raised independent of membership fees through our annual "Strong Kids Campaign" and other private donations. If you are interested in supporting those activities, contact the financial development representative at your branch or the Association's Metro Offices at 915.532.9622.