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The YMCA of El Paso strengthens the foundations of our community through well-being and fitness, camps, family time, swim, sports and play, and other activities for people of all ages, incomes and abilities. We’re more than just a place to work out. At the Y, we help build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all with the core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility at the heart of everything we do.

With a commitment to nurturing youth development, promoting healthy living, and fostering a sense of social responsibility, the Y ensures that every individual has access to the essentials needed to learn, grow and thrive.


Youth Sports FAQs

I sent in my form last week. How do I know if my child is registered?
Coaches will begin contacting parents before the first scheduled practice.

When is practice?
Practice times and locations are scheduled by volunteer coaches, not by YMCA Youth Sports Directors. Your volunteer coach will inform you of your child's practice time and location.

Are all games held at YMCA facilities?
No, many games are held at YMCA facilities, but some games are held at local parks, churches, or schools

This is the first time my child has participated in a given sport. Will my child participate in every game even if he/she isn't the most talented player on the team?
Yes, every child must participate in every game and every child should receive basically the same amount of playing time, regardless of skill level. YMCA Youth Sports stress child-oriented attitudes by keeping winning in perspective, having fun, improving physical fitness, and working with the whole child. In YMCA Youth Sports, the child comes first and winning comes second.

How long is a season?
A season runs for approx eight to nine weeks.

What do I do if my child’s shirt doesn’t fit?
Call the Youth Sports Director at your YMCA.

How do I get the coaches phone number?
Call the Youth Sports Director at your YMCA.

I am having trouble with the coach, site supervisor, or photographer.
Call the Youth Sports Director at your YMCA.

I haven’t heard from my coach yet, when will I know what team I’m on and my practice time and day?
Our volunteer coaches do their best to have all their players contacted by the Monday after the Parent’s Meetings.  If you haven’t heard from your coach by the Tuesday after the week of Parent’s Meetings, feel free to call the Youth Sports Director at your YMCA.
What do I do if the practice time that my team has doesn’t work for me?
Making changes to teams is difficult but not impossible. Teams are usually full with 10 to 11 players so making a switch involves other players moving as well. If you absolutely cannot make your practice time, please call the Youth Sports Director at your YMCA and we will see if we can find a new team for you, though we cannot promise any changes.  If no solution can be found, we will give you a full credit for the program.

Will I be able to play with the player or coach I requested?
While we cannot guarantee that you will be granted your requests, every effort is attempted to accommodate player and coach requests. Of course if you volunteer to coach, your child will be on your team.

The Y is committed to providing programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. We make every effort to ensure that no one is turned away due to inability to pay. Click to read more about our financial assistance.