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Westside Family YMCA

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Welcome to the Westside Family YMCA's website.

The Westside Family YMCA is a branch of the YMCA of El Paso.  The Westside Family YMCA is a mission driven, value based, non-profit organization that has served the community and families of Western El Paso and Southeastern New Mexico for many years. Our doors are open to all community members and families who wish to take advantage of the variety of programs and services available to them. We are a unique organization and through our "Strong Kids Campaign", are able to offer programs and services to all, with the ability to state that we will turn no one away due to an inability to pay.

We look forward to continued service to the communities and families of the El Paso and southeastern New Mexico area in the years ahead, and are grateful to the many individuals, organizations, companies, and foundations that continue to assist the Y in these efforts.

Here at the YMCA, we are for youth development, healthy living and social development.

Again, welcome and thank you for visiting our site. Please take a moment to review all the different opportunities that are available to you through the Westside Family YMCA.

We are eager for feedback and comments regarding the information that has been provided for your benefit. It is your Y's way of increasing communication among our members and participants and to the community at large.


  • Two pool Natatorium
  • Extensive Cardio workout area with Treadmills, Elliptical Trainers, Steppers, Rowing Machines, Upright and Recumbent Bicycles
  • Resistance Exercise Room with Nautilus, cable machines and free weights
  • Large Aerobics Room (FREE aerobics classes for members)
  • Dedicated Spinning Room (FREE classes for members)
  • Steam Room
  • Gym
  • 4 Racquetball Courts with viewing area
  • Men and Women's Locker Rooms
  • Y-Play Room

The Westside Family YMCA, and the Snow Extension located in New Mexico, has been serving the El Paso and Southeastern New Mexico community for many years.  This vibrant YMCA is continuing to grow with a focus on programs designed to benefit the entire family, from 6 month old toddlers to active older adults.  With over 4,000 members and extensive character development programs for youth, the Westside Family YMCA is a cornerstone for the local community.

The Westside Family YMCA...

For Youth Development, for Healthy Living, for Social Responsibility . . .

*Executive Director: Theresa Hendrix
Associate Executive Director: Lindsey Cobaugh
Active Older Adults Coordinator: Alyson DeAngelo
Aquatics Director: Juan Ybarra
Fitness Director: Valerie Culver
Maintenance Coordinator: Juan Aguirre
Membership Director: Lindsey Cobaugh
Sports Director: Michael Orozco

Westside Family YMCA Member Character Development Policy

The purpose of this policy is to help make the Westside Family YMCA a fun, safe, and enjoyable place for all members and guests.

It is the policy of this YMCA that all interactions between members take place in an atmosphere of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and faith. Whenever and wherever possible, staff shall strive to ensure the support of this environment. To this end, we ask our members to observe and actively model the following behaviors.


  • Do not take things that do not belong to you.
  • Report any inappropriate or illegal conduct to a YMCA staff person immediately
  • Return any lost or misplaced items to the Member Service Center
  • Refrain from passing or sharing your membership card with anyone else
  • Members are expected to enter and exit the facility honestly and appropriately.


  • Use appropriate language to avoid offending others
  • Avoid loud or boisterous behavior that could offend or disturb other people or classes
  • Seek to help or get assistance for those in need


  • Respect other people's rights to participate in the same area
  • Treat others the way you would like to be treated
  • Refrain from wearing inappropriate or potentially offensive clothing
  • Have fun, but not at the expense of others
  • The YMCA is a smoke-free environment


  • Follow the safety rules and other guidelines posted in and around the building
  • Avoid foul language, arguing, fighting or any other form of harassment or intimidation
  • Members are responsible for their own behavior as well as the actions of their guests
  • The YMCA is a "neutral zone." Displaying gang jewelry, clothing, symbols, hand signs, etc., is prohibited.
  • YMCA members and guests are encouraged to report suspicious or inappropriate behavior to YMCA personnel.


  • We all need to have faith in each other, and have faith that we are all Honest, Caring, Respectful and Responsible people.

The YMCA has zero tolerance for any form of illegal activity, sexual harassment, or child abuse, and will prosecute all offenders.

We reserve the right to ask any member or guest to leave the YMCA premises and/or suspend or terminate membership privileges at any time. Any member or guest being asked to leave the YMCA due to a violation of this policy will not be issued a refund.

The triangle in the YMCA logo stands for spirit, mind and body. We know that a person can't truly be healthy until they are strong in all three areas. That's why the Y offers a variety of ways to get involved.

Commit To Be F.I.T.T. (F-Frequncy,I-Intensity,T-Type,T-Time) - for those new to exercising or coming back after a few false starts, Commit To Be Fit provides the personal attention, flexibility and focus to get you on the road to a lifetime fitness habit.  Work one-on-one with a coach, or in a group setting.  When you become stronger, more confident and ready for the next step, we have even more to offer you!   Best of all, it's FREE with your membership!

Group Exercise - there's nothing like great music, a great instructor and an even greater group of people to get you motivated and make exercising fun! The YMCA offers a wide variety of classes from beginning to advanced, old-school to new age, soothing to energizing. Our staff would be happy to help you select a program that meets your needs, your schedule and your mood. Even better, group exercise programs are available for free or for a reduced cost for all YMCA members!

Cardiovascular and Strength Training - with a wide array of the latest fitness equipment, you have many options when creating a fitness program. Remember to balance strength training for your muscles with aerobic exercise for your cardiovascular system. And when you're all done, stretching will keep you injury-free and limber. Our staff would be happy to orient you to the Fitness Center and help you create a program that will help you accomplish your goals. Just ask!

Family Exercise - good health in children starts with good role modeling by their parents. When you teach your children that physical exercise is fun and make it a regular part of your routine, your kids have a much better chance at staying fit and healthy well into adulthood. Check your local YMCA schedule for the next Family Swim, Family Games or Family Fun Night!

Martial Arts, Dance, Arts and Other Specialty Programs - when your mind is engaged in learning new skills, it's easy to lose track of all the physical benefits you're gaining as well. Specialty programs such as Tai Chi, yoga, Pilates, and more are a great way to unwind while you tone and stretch your body.

YMCA Youth Super Sports - Turning Sports Skills Into Life Skills - Sports are a great opportunity to teach values like caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. YMCA Youth Super Sports help young people become better players and better people by emphasizing skill development over competition.

YMCA Aquatics - More than just Swim Lessons!!! - YMCAs have been teaching people to swim for more than a century. Our youth aquatics programs use a problem-solving and guided discovery method. Not only do kids develop life-long skills that can help them stay healthy, but they also gain a sense of accomplishment that leaves them feeling good about what they have learned.
Each year, we teach thousands of children to be safer around water, to be aware of the dangers and how to safely help a friend. These programs are offered at no- or low-cost so that all children can participate.